The Tavern

The centerpiece of the protocol

"The Tavern is the hub where brewers and travelers can come together, relax, and listen to my tales!" - The Bard

The Tavern is the center of the entire ecosystem.

It is where people can come to relax, take off their load and enjoy themselves. This is where the community thrives, and you can talk, hang out and participate in events.

Taverns Keep

The Taverns Keep are the developers of the The Tavern protocol, and are the joint owners of the treasury. Their job is to ensure longevity and strong MEAD for all! 🍺

The Innkeeper

The Innkeeper is the leader of the team, providing direction and vision as well as being the core developer/programmer

The Bartender

The main front-of-house guy, responsible for managing and handling the community and getting them anything they may need!

The Cook

The back-of-house is just as important, as its the engine that keeps things moving. The Cook is a marketing strategist and has dilligently pledged themselves to cook us up a storm!

The Bard

No cause is ever fully realized until they have someone who can tell their story. The bard is the person responsible for making noise on social media, and singing our tune to the world.


The taverns keep three main tasks are:

  • Ensuring the liquidity of the token remains strong and continues to grow in strength

  • Delegating a portion of the treasury to investing across DeFi protocols and providing extra yield for brewers

  • Growth of the protocol via marketing and development

The treasury will be placing strategic buybacks and burns in order to increase the price floor of MEAD.


More importantly, The Tavern is always in demand for MEAD, and offers travelers compensation for staking their MEAD.

They can stake MEAD LP for more MEAD at ~100-500% APR.

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