The Tavern
This page is constantly changing, so make sure to bookmark it if you want to keep up to date with our progress!
Our roadmap is split up into smaller chunks that last much less time. We feel that this will keep the momentum going during the ramp up to our launch.

Phase 1: Idea Inception

  • The idea and concept of The Tavern
  • Building a team, and onboarding developers and artists to help realize it
  • Writing up the smart contracts
  • Writing up the product docs
  • Developing the website
  • Project Icon/Logo
  • Concept art & emojis
  • Create and structure the Discord

Phase 2: Initial Footing

  • Create the Twitter
  • Create a Medium blog page
  • Release the Discord
    • Start mod applications
  • Release the KYC
  • Publish the pre-launch website
  • Release the Audits
  • Announce the launch plans & how to get whitelisted
    • Publish & verify the audited presale contracts
    • The whitelisted presale
    • The public presale
  • Releasing the daily quests

Phase 3: Crowdfunding & Launch (25st Feb - 1st March)

  • Run the whitelisted presale for whitelisted individuals
  • Publish more articles, and tutorials helping people become accustom to the AVAX chain
  • Run community events in The Tavern Discord to start generating some hype
  • Run the public presale
  • Launch the liquidity pool and let people start to purchase $MEAD
  • Lock the initial liquidity LP in the treasury
  • Launch the Tavern dApp

Phase 4: Marketing & Listings

  • Aggressive marketing on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and reward incentives for word of mouth
  • CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap listings
  • SnowTrace application submitted
  • AMA schedule
  • Reaching out to exchanges (BitMart)

Phase 5: Growth

  • Releasing the Brewery NFT Marketplace
  • Reaching out to other projects to implement custom token based trading of their NFTs
  • Docs on how The Tavern Games will work, the costs involved and a full breakdown of what to expect
  • Releasing The Brewers Guild DAO
  • Releasing new cosmetic skins for BREWERYs
  • Bridging onto other chains

Phase 6: ???

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Phase 1: Idea Inception
Phase 2: Initial Footing
Phase 3: Crowdfunding & Launch (25st Feb - 1st March)
Phase 4: Marketing & Listings
Phase 5: Growth
Phase 6: ???