"MEAD makes the world go round!" - The Bartender

MEAD is the utility token for The Tavern, and it's where everything begins.

It will be paired with USDC, for more straight forward valuations.

MEAD tokens enter the ecosystem via BREWERYs. There is a claim tax when a brewer wishes to withdraw their earned MEAD; and a further sell tax of 10%. This not only helps shave off some of the impact from whales, but it prevents bots from profiting at launch.

Within the first 24-hours of launching, there will be a 25% sell tax to discourage bots from profiting.

Read about how BREWERYs work:


Supply Distribution

The starting price will be $1.

There will be an initial supply of 2,500,000 MEAD, split as follows:

  • 54% Rewards reserve (10% reserved for LP rewards)

  • 10% Treasury reserve

  • 16% Whitelist Presale

  • 20% Liquidity

Initial liquidity is locked for 1+ year.

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