Liquidity Management

Our mission to make The Tavern a sustainable place for everyone

The entire protocol is fundamentally based on MEAD, and so it is of utmost importance to ensure that the MEAD token stays strong and continues to grow in strength over the years.

This is why there will be efforts to control the supply, using various proven techniques that will help give MEAD a stronger underpinning.

The Taverns Keep will be closely monitoring the liquidities health, and use its funds to increase the overall liquidity

Early Incentives

The first step we'll be taking is providing liquidity provider incentives, by allocating 5.4% of the total supply to people that stake their MEAD-USDC LP tokens.

These rewards will run as so:

  • 1.8% over the first 30 days (1,500 MEAD a day)

  • 1.8% over the next 60 days (750 MEAD a day)

  • 1.8% over the last 90 days (500 MEAD a day)

We may look at offering payout schemes to continue to incentize liquidity providers.

Achieving Sustainability

We'll be offering a unique way to purchase BREWERYs: using LP tokens.

The purchase price will be offered at a discount to the market value of 100 MEAD, depending on the percentage of USDC reserves against the FDV (fully diluted valuation). We call this the liquidity ratio.

We will launch with a strong liquidity ratio, which will offer a 1% discount, and as this percentage weakens, discount will increase up to 15%.

This way we are incentivizing liquidity providing in the long term, and strengthening the rise of price of the token which in turn will mitigate the impact of whale dumping.

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