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Purchasing your first BREWERY

How you can mint your first BREWERY using MEAD
This guide assumes you have already followed the Step 4 ) Swapping USDC for $MEAD in Getting Prepared To Buy $MEAD.
You will need 100 MEAD to mint a BREWERY on the DApp at

Connect your wallet to the DApp.

Follow the link at: and you should see a webpage that looks like this:
The information will be blank until you connect your wallet!
From here, click the "Connect" button at the top left to connect a wallet set up on the AVAX network.
Once your wallet is successfully connected, the webpage should now be populated with information, like this:

Purchase a BREWERY using MEAD!

Now, from here we go to the left section of the page and input the amount of BREWERYs we would like to purchase using MEAD!
For this tutorial, I will increase the desired BREWERY amount to 1.
From here, we must first "Approve MEAD" to be able to spend it.
Once this transaction has gone through, this section so look like so:
The "Approve MEAD" button should have disappeared!
Now we can mint a BREWERY using MEAD! If you attempt to mint a BREWERY but do not have enough MEAD, you will see an error message pop up at the top right of the webpage.
If your wallet has enough MEAD, you should be able to successfully interact with the contract:
If the transaction goes through successfully, your wallet will now own a BREWERY!
"Your Overview" section should now look something like this:
You can then also view your BREWERY in "My Breweries" further down the page!

Once all of that is done, your BREWERY will automatically start producing some sweet MEAD! Happy brewing Taverner!