Connecting Metamask to the AVAX network

Setting up your Metamask wallet on the Avalanche Network

This guide assumes that you have Metamask installed - if you don't, it can be downloaded and added as a browser extension here: Once you've got a Metamask wallet set up, it should look like this:

As you can see at the top right, the wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. To connect the wallet to the Avalanche Network, we'll click the drop down box at the top right and click "Add Network".

Here, we'll want to fill out all the boxes with these details:

Once you've done this, your wallet should now look like this:

On Metamask, you will be using the C-Chain version of Avalanche (There are 3 chains, X-Chain (Exchange), C-Chain (Contract) and P-Chain (Platform)). If you are using an exchange that supports Avalanche C-Chain withdrawals, you can copy your address from Metamask by clicking the wallet address directly below "Account 1" and use this to withdraw AVAX to on the C-Chain directly from the exchange. The top CEXes that support AVAX C-Chain withdrawal are: 🔸Binance 🔸KuCoin 🔸 🔸BitMart 🔸Okcoin Once you have topped up AVAX to your Metamask account, it will show up both on Metamask and if you view your address on You're now ready to go!

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