Brewers Reputation

Each brewery has individual experience, but each brewer has reputation

One of the newer concepts that The Tavern introduces, is reputation. Each brewer has a responsibility to the protocol to ensure that they are acting in its best interest, and to ensure that it prospers for times to come.

Therefore we introduced brewers reputation.

What is Brewers Reputation

Brewers reputation (BR) is a type of experience system that rewards brewers for continued beneficial participation in the protocol.

Your BR is associated with a class, which in turn determines the tax bracket that you are in. This means that if you are an upstanding member of the community, you will pay less tax.

Your class is always viewable, and if you have linked your Discord # ID to your wallet you get your own special role in the Discord server!

How to gain reputation?

Brewers reputation (BR) is gained by performing beneficial actions to the protocol, such as:

  • Purchasing a BREWERY

    • For MEAD +10 BR

    • For USDC +20 BR

    • For LP tokens +30 BR

  • Every day not claiming MEAD past the fermentation period (+20 pending BR a day, adds to wallet upon compounding or claiming)

  • Staking MEAD-USDC LP in the tavern (+25 for each 0.0001 LP)

Reputation gained for staking MEAD-USDC LP tokens is lost when removing your stake


These are the current classes, and their respective BR thresholds:



0 - 50



50 - 499



500 - 2499





When selling a Brewery, it shows the class of the seller - who wouldn't want to buy a Tier 3 fully upgraded Brewery off of a renowed Brewmaster!?

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