How to Add/Remove MEAD-USDC Liquidity on TraderJoe

This guide will explain how you can add or remove MEAD-USDC liquidity on TraderJoe.

This guide assumes that you are using a wallet that already holds both MEAD & USDC. If you are holding just USDC, you can use the Zap function on the Tavern dApp at to convert your USDC directly into LP tokens and skip steps 1-3.

Head over to the TraderJoe homepage and click on the "Pool" section along the bar at the top of the page.

Once you are on the page, connect your Avalanche wallet and click on the "Create a Pool" button.

From here, you'll see a "Manage Pool" page where we can add both the MEAD & USDC to receive LP tokens for add liquidity.

Click on the "Select a token" button for one of the input fields while "Add" is selected.

From here, paste the contract address for MEAD in and it should show up with your current balance.

We have added MEAD like so:

Now we also add USDC as the other input (this will already show in the dropdown box and won't need the contract address pasting.

Both tokens should now be added:

Let's input 10 MEAD here for this tutorial. The amount in USDC will update to automatically match it.

Click "Supply" and you should be prompted with a window that looks like this:

Once you've confirmed the transaction on Metamask you have now successfully added liquidity! You will receive JLP tokens for successfully providing liquidity.

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT ADDING LIQUIDITY THIS WAY WILL TAX THE AMOUNT YOU ADD BY 10%. This is because the contract reads it as a sell. The zapper function does not get taxed in this way.

Head to and click on "My Pools" to view the LP pair you've added.

Your pool will look something like this:

Click on the pool you want to remove liquidity from and it will take you to a "Manage Pool" page, where you can view information such as the pool size, volume and your share of the pool. You will need to click on the "Remove" button to show your JLP tokens that you want to withdraw.

First, pick the amount of your pool tokens that you want to withdraw with the % buttons (25%, 50%, 75% or Max), then click the "Approve" button and sign this transaction on your Metamask to allow TraderJoe to access your JLP tokens. For this example we will withdraw the max amount of JLP tokens.

Once this is done, you can click "Remove" to then withdraw this, confirm on your Metamask and receive your pooled USDC and MEAD back!

Once this is done, TraderJoe will notify you that you have successfully withdrawn your USDC and MEAD! You have successfully removed your pooled liquidity!

If you have any further questions, be sure to ask around in the Discord!

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