A special NFT that earns you a daily fixed return - achieving APRs of up to 1,460%!

"While MEAD is the fuel, BREWERYs are the engine." - The Innkeeper

A BREWERY is a special yield bearing NFT that rewards you a fixed amount of MEAD, daily! Starting at 2 MEAD a day, eventually as you level up your brewering structures they'll produce more and more MEAD!

Just by holding this NFT in your wallet, you will passively earn MEAD tokens indefinitely, and by owning one you can officially become verified on the Discord!

You can link your wallet to your Discord # ID to flash your new status as a brewer!

When purchasing a BREWERY, you can give it a name, which will be displayed alongside its progress and total amount of MEAD it has yielded.

One of the key benefits of BREWERYs, is that they can be transferred across wallets, or traded on the open market - meaning they are a form of investment! To view your current BREWERY holdings, you can go on our website.

Experience & Tiers

BREWERYs earn experience. This levels them up, which in turn increases the yield they produce.

BREWERYs only start earning experience after the fermentation period (read below), and is calculated on each claim.

There are currently 3 tiers, and more will be added in the future:

  • Tier 1: 2 MEAD a day (All BREWERYs come as Tier 1)

  • Tier 2: 3 MEAD a day (3% daily APR) - 14 days of experience required beyond the fermentation period

  • Tier 3: 4 MEAD a day (4% daily APR) - 42 days of experience required beyond the fermentation period

BREWERY tiers are public to the specific BREWERY, and change how the brewery looks - increasing its resell value, and letting you show off your progress!

BREWERY tiers cannot decrease! Once a BREWERY has reached a higher tier, it will not decrease back a tier when MEAD is claimed from it.

Fermentation Period

The fermentation period is a cooldown system that punishes people who claim often, and rewards people who store up their rewards.

Each BREWERY has a fermentation period of 14-days, which pauses the experience gain. The fermentation period is reset after every claim.

You can upgrade your BREWERYs to reduce their fermentation period - this also acts as an XP boost!

You still continue to earn rewards during the fermentation period, and it's only there to hinder experience gain.

Claiming Fees

Claim fees have been adjusted to a sliding tax mechanism over a 14 day period to reduce consistent sell pressure.

To read about the fees involved, head to the Fees & Taxes page below:

pageFees & Taxes

Purchasing a BREWERY

BREWERYs now cost 125 MEAD each to mint if buy from the dApp and not the marketplace. These are released in batches, with the MEAD cost going up with additional batch releases. The BREWERYs reward MEAD for life, so long as you still have the NFT.

For a Tier 3 brewery, an investment of $10,000 would give you a return of $146,000+ assuming a stable price of MEAD.

You can purchase a BREWERY by:

  • Buying one directly from the Taverns Keep

  • Buying one from another brewer on an NFT marketplace

  • Compounding one using your unclaimed MEAD rewards

  • Combining an equal amount in value of HOMEKITs

You can also purchase a BREWERY using both USDC and LP tokens; however, this has limited availability so that people are encouraged to always seek out purchasing with MEAD!


To stop the barrier for entry increasing as the price of MEAD goes up, we have plans to release a HOMEKIT which will let brew MEAD at home at a reduced rate.

These can be purchased for $100 worth of MEAD, and produces a fixed daily rate of 0.5% APR which is $0.5 of MEAD a day.

Homekits don't level up and cannot have renovations added to them. They can be purchased if you already own a BREWERY.

You can convert your HOMEKITs into a BREWERY once you have enough of them in value.

The supply of BREWERYs

As time progresses, more BREWERYs will be churning away earning brewers their MEAD.

To prevent this scenario of hyper-inflation of MEAD caused by more and more BREWERYs, the supply of BREWERYs will be controlled by the taverns keep. This mechanism is what adds scarcity.

If the BREWERYs are sold out on The Tavern website, you can check on the marketplace for other players selling their BREWERY.

The Tavern's Keep will also systematically buyback and burn BREWERYs from the in-house marketplace using MEAD from the Treasury.

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