Purchasing BREWERYs with USDC Zapper

Buying BREWERYs using our USDC zapper offers you a 1-25% discount and benefits the project by increasing the sustainability


For people that are already familiar with interacting across different chains, this section will serve as a quick-start guide for you to jump straight into the action!

  1. Approve LP and USDC

  2. Zap with USDC

  3. DONE!!!

Detailed Guide

1) First you must head to https://dapp.tavern.money/ and on the Purchase a BREWERY section change it from MEAD to USDC. Then approve USDC and the LP via your hot wallet

2) After you have successfully approved both. You then have the option to Zap with USDC. This will then purchase the required LP tokens for you using the USDC available in your wallet.

3) THAT'S IT!!! Yes it's that easy to buy a discounted BREWERY with MEAD

Why is this better than just buying with MEAD?

  • Firstly you get a discounted BREWERY. This discount changes depending on how strong the Liquidity is compared to the Marketcap/Price

  • The Zap function performs a buy onto MEAD and thus increases the price as well as deposits to the liquidity pool

  • This also increases the liquidity pool, Therefore increase the strength against sells and as a result improves the sustainability of The Tavern Protocol

  • Finally using this function actually increase the amount of Brewers Reputation you gain from purchasing a BREWERY by 3x compared to a standard MEAD purchase

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